Paracas-Advisors GmbH specialises in the areas of internal audit, governance, compliance and operational risk management in the financial services sector for selected clients around the globe. We share for free on social media our experience and lessons learned. We imagine practical solutions and organisational concepts to further improve the excellence, the impact and efficiency of control functions.

We work in English, French and Spanish, occasionally in German, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Our purpose

“Integrity and corporate responsibility in financial services are at the core of shaping a sustainable future. Yet, in our digital age, and despite stronger regulations, control and governance failures do not get old. We share our experience and advise corporate leadership in building stronger control practices and ethical culture” Hervé Gloaguen

Our focus

Paracas-Advisors GmbH focuses on four key control functions and activities in financial services, and more particularly in the insurance sector:

  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Governance

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Our activities

Knowledge sharing

Through social media, Paracas-Advisors GmbH disseminates free “nuggets” of information and experience.

Community Building

We identify and connect with other valuable experts and sources of information, and create a constructive dialogue on good practices and new business or regulatory developments.

Advisory and consulting

We advise corporate leadership in building stronger control practices and functions, and ethical culture.

About us

Paracas-Advisors GmbH was founded in September 2023. Its founder Hervé Gloaguen accumulates 38 years of leadership experience in the insurance, asset management and retail banking sectors.

With top management responsibilities in the “3 lines of Defense”, Hervé is a “Hybrid” Control and Business manager, who drives radical Transformation and thrives for resilient and efficient control systems in global environments.

Eve Tsang is the co-founder. Eve is an internal audit expert, who ran large teams in banking and in asset management in Asia Pacific and globally.

Paracas-Advisors GmbH is based in Munich, Germany, with global expertise in Europe, Asia and South America.

On an ad-hoc basis, Paracas-Advisors GmbH networks with several independent experts.

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