Our services

Our scope and services for stronger ethics and controls in financial services



Paracas-Advisors focuses on four key control functions and activities:

  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Governance

in financial services, and more particularly in the insurance sector.


We deliver three services

Knowledge sharing

through social media (website, LinkedIn, YouTube…), Paracas-Advisors GmbH disseminates free “nuggets” of information and experience.

Community Building

we identify and connect with other valuable experts and sources of information, and create a constructive dialogue on good practices and new business or regulatory developments.

Advisory and consulting

we advise corporate leadership in building stronger control practices and functions, and ethical culture.

Coaching and public speaking

we coach internal audit, risk and compliance leaders and we support them in their transformation journeys. We join company meetings and offsites to speak and dialogue on control functions, operational risks and leadership culture.

Share, deliver, and focus on expertise

Based on our experience, we develop and share concepts for audit, governance, compliance and operational risk management, We keep learning from public cases of control failures.

We go beyond control and governance design, and we focus on the practical delivery and effective impact of audit, compliance, risk and governance systems in financial services. We share practical tips and practices.

The efficiency of control functions and a performant governance are largely driven by quality of the function holders. We imagine solutions to further improve the excellence of control eaders and their teams.

Our current areas of research

Defining Maturity models for the Internal Audit and Compliance functions
Meeting the “standards”, as defined externally (IIA, PS980, etc.) is often not good enough. How to be more advanced, or even excellent? How to measure it and on which dimensions?

Guiding to a Risk prioritization
With the increasing number of regulatory demands, and the accumaltion of crisis, how shall a CCO and a CAE design an Complinace or Audit strategy, best support the stakeholders of the functions?

Managing Talents in Control functions
Hiring and performance criteria for control function leaders are often not well understood by its stakeholders. How to hire and keep the best, from where, how to compensate and development them?

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